Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing for Complete Versatility

Improved products with stronger and lighter materials

Additive Manufacturing relates to that kind of processes that builds objects by adding layers of materials.

The terms AM includes a vast range of technologies, from 3D printing to RP (Rapid Prototyping) and much more.

The construction process is always aided by the use of
advanced CAD software, with whom it is possible to design project with a very high level of detail.

Machines then, are able to translate the design into commands, hence layers of the object.

In the automotive sector, FDM (
Fused Deposition Modelling) has been always employed thanks to its versatility: from the production of light tools, to testing models.

That’s why in Erre Ti we focus on FDM as the most widely used additive manufacturing techniques.

Cutting-Edge Composites Products

Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping are just some of the many different processes available in Erre Ti. 
We can figure out what are the most suitable technological processes available for your application.