moulds design & manufacturing

Improved Performance with Customized Moulds

Experience and vision to match manufacturing with the right process

A scrupulous mould design and manufacturing service is essential for any company that wishes to produce exceptional products. 

Whether if it’s for mass production or for a limited series, first class moulds can prevent the occurring of production flaws and leaks.

Mould design process includes: analysis of the demoulding angle, mould design with the most advanced cad software, machining and manufacturing. 

Exceptional Moulds for any kind of project

In Erre Ti we provide an impeccable environment to develop cutting-edge composites moulds, tools & jigs.

In depth testing through CMM (quality measurement) it is essential to guarantee perfect quality & practicality of moulds. 

Moulding with composite materials is not only much more cost effective, but it is also more practical and efficient. 

With custom-made composite moulds it is possible to obtain an extra lightweight, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance products.

Experience and vision are essential to adapt the construction of the mould to the needs of the customer and  to the construction requirements of the component. 

Benefits for your business

Performance & Quality

High quality customized moulds with the best materials, based on manufacturing processes

Fast deliveries

Thoughtful Mould Design to prevent time-wasting modifications


A team of professionals with over 50 years of experience to ensure the best result