Shaping the Future of Transportation Industry

Improved features to enhance Speed and Endurance

The transportation sector is leading towards Lighter and more Sustainable Vehicles. 

Composite materials are going to be the key to Innovation and Performance in production and design.

These materials are lightweightfatigue resistant, easily moulded and durable over time, thanks to processes and technologies employed during their manufacturing.

Top Material Manufacturers are putting all their efforts into making Sustainable Composites affordable on a large production scale.

No matter where in the manufacturing chain a TIER is located, choosing a well experienced supplier is essential to minimise the risk of errors and speed up the production.

Erre Ti has been helping companies in shaping the most accurate Advanced Prototypes  for over 50 years .

Performance has never been so attractive

Full stack Services and Solutions for your limited series Hypercars


Limited series and one-offs are becoming more and more sought after from single clients and high-level luxury brands.

Weather they are restomod or completely new vehicles, developing a limited series car requires skills and experience.

We are able to lead and follow closely the whole production, from the preliminary development to the production of the final result.

First Class Prototyping, Top Quality

Innovation and scalability at the best costs/result ratio


When working with OEM brands, it is essential to guarantee up to date Technology transfer. 

We transfer what we learn from our partnership with Universities directly to our projects. 

Erre Ti has a wide experience with the best OEM brands ensuring top quality results, with total confidentiality on every single detail of the development and the production.

Outstanding performance and remarkable aesthetic of cars and products are guaranteed when working with Erre Ti.

360° Strategic Vision for Outstanding Design Solutions

Project cycle management, test & quality


Working with engineering companies requires a perfect knowledge of the Sector and Innovative Technologies. Projects need to be designed and tested to ensure impeccable results and impressive qualities.

Erre Ti is the perfect partner to develop products that are completely optimized

We are able to help companies in designing artcrafts that are ready for the mould and production, avoiding any waste of material and money.

Benefits for your business


Deadlines always met, rapid deliveries
100% Confidentiality  


We are able to join your necessities with our knowledge of processes to get the best result


Over 50 years of experience in the automotive sector

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