Composites design & manufacturing

Speeding up the Chain with Lighter Materials

Composites Manufacturing through Vision and Experience

Up-to-date Processes for Advanced Solutions

As composites applications are significantly springing up, composites manufacturing is growing into a very specific but also multifaceted sector.

Composites manufacturing includes a large variety of different processes, depending on the nature of the final product, on the time available and on its budget.

Erre Ti masters and joins many different technologies and processes in order to achieve the best possible final product.

Benefits for your business

Hands-on Experience

Experties and knowledge of processes and sectors

High-Tech Equipment

Advanced machines & processes, in-house service

360° support in every step

We follow the project from engineering to manufacturing

What we offer

Open Mould

It’s a process for fabricating composites in a way that VOC-containing materials are exposed to the atmosphere. 

Out of Autoclave

Alternative processes to the use of Autoclave.