Project development

Co-design, R&D and feasibility studies

Save time and money with a proven project management system

When dealing with prototypes, models and series it is essential to design together with the client in order to provide an exceptional product shaped to their needs.

An efficient
project management can be the key to the delivery of a cost-effective product that meets all the requirements.

We help you design Outstanding Products

In Erre Ti Co-design, Feasibility Studies and R&D of Material & Processes are at the base of every design, providing an impeccable environment to develop Cutting-Edge Composites Products.

Co-design allows the client to follow step by step the entire development, ensuring the achievement of the best possible result, in terms of both aesthetic and performance. 

R&D of materials and processes are important steps to guarantee state of the art models. 

Feasibility studies are also substantial means to prevent product flaws and ensure a rapid technology transfer.

It is the custom for Erre Ti to work side by side with the customer to shape effective and efficient products, with a good cost/result ratio.