Lighter Aircrafts and
Cutting-Edge Performances

Composites modelling for Innovative aerospace Products

Aerospace has always been the reference sector for the technological development of materials and processes.  

Composites are going to be the future of their development, with carbon fibre + epoxy being the most employed materials nowadays.

These materials can be employed in the construction of nearly every section of aircrafts and space vehicles from large aerostructure fuselagewings and ribs, to small structural parts.

The general tendency is clear: most of the process in the future will be OOA (Out-Of-Autoclave) and all the key players in the sector will adopt Infusion, RTM or Thermoplastic Composites. 

Erre Ti Compositi has great experience in customisation, modelling, equipment construction and assembly of macro composite assemblies.

We making sure that every client gets a 360° support, both on the engineering side and on the manufacturing of the equipment.

Advanced Composite Solutions

UAVs, UAS, Drones, eVTOLs

Developing & Manufacturing complex
protoducts for transportation

Helicopters & Private Jets

Interiors customizations, modelling, prototyping and low volume manufacturing

Composites Parts

Project development & manufacturing of Prototypes, Components & Tools

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We are 100% reliable regards Deliveries, Timing and Confidentiality  

360° support

Following the entire process from the Engineering to the Manufacturing

State of the art

We work only with the most advanced technologies and updated processes

Disruptive Technologies for Lighter structures

Flying ahead of times with innovative designs and processes ​

Tooling & Machining

We can optimise your project from the vert first steps of manufacturing 

Making the most Energy Efficient structures for the aerospace sector

Improved Performance through Advanced Composite Solutions

Prototypes & Concepts

Ground-breaking Prototypes with outstanding Appearance and superlative Performance

Lighter structures for UAM, drones and aircrafts

State of the art processes and sustainable materials for ground-breaking projects


Improved interiors through full In-House Service, Sustainable/recycled materials and great Expertise